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Victorian Council of Churches - October 2017 Newsletter

September 29th, 2017

A Reflection - One of the immeasurable gifts of this position is that of visiting and being amongst God’s people. During this past month I have been humbled to gather with the Copts and acknowledge their world wide leaders and hear again the call to make disciples in all the earth. Then I gathered with our St George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church of India brothers and sisters and participated in their liturgy , gave a word of reflection on the Gospel reading and after sharing hospitality I held a discussion with a number of young adults on faithful living. This weekend just gone I spent in rural Victoria gathering in a Uniting Church and sharing worship and an opportunity to tell something of the life and work of the Council. Where I go I am blessed by the sense of the richness of the Kingdom to which we belong. Many years ago I read a Edith Schaeffer book where she described the Kingdom as a tapestry with every Christian being a thread and God being the weaver… In my moving around amongst us I am sensing more and more the wonder and majesty of the tapestry being woven by of God.

  • Ian Smith, Executive Director, Victorian Council of Churches I