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Hope Restart Receives Building Permit

February 19th, 2018

HRC Chairman Peter Down, with spouse and Project Officer Margaret Down, accepting the Building Permit approval from EGBP’s Brian Ross

This is a huge step forward in what promises to be a big year for the Hope Restart Centre (HRC) Board and their principal partner, Odyssey House Victoria (OHV).

The Building Permit approval enables the exciting project to progress on a number of fronts with supporting professional health and education providers.

The tender process enables the preparation of tender documents which will now commence for distribution to local principal contractors over the six weeks.

Hope Restart Centre will operate in association with Odyssey House Victoria to deliver world-class treatment of addiction to alcohol and other drugs to our clients.

When fully operational, the Hope Restart Centre will provide for 112 residential rehabilitation clients for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction and assistance for families in Gippsland.

The Centre receives wide support from members of the Anglican Diocese of Gippsland.