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Bishop Goldsworthy Appointed Archbishop of Perth

August 29th, 2017

The Anglican Bishop of Gippsland, the Right Reverend Kay Goldsworthy, AO, has been elected as the new Archbishop of Perth. Bishop Goldsworthy, who was awarded the AO medal in this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours, will leave Sale in mid – December to take up her new role in February. She has been Bishop of Gippsland since early 2015, when she succeeded Bishop John McIntyre, who died in office in 2014. Bishop Goldsworthy said she would be sorry to leave the people and communities of Gippsland, where she and her husband Jeri have been very happy. “It has been a joy being in the parishes, schools and chaplaincy ministries of this Diocese, and I’ve thanked God for people’s welcome and deep commitment to bringing the story and life of Jesus in every community in the Diocese”. Bishop Goldsworthy acknowledged that some might feel disappointed at her leaving the Diocese after a comparatively short time. She said she had been happily settled in Gippsland but that it seemed that the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church had led in another direction. Perth will not be new for Bishop Goldsworthy, though she is originally from Victoria. Prior to coming to Gippsland, she was an Assistant Bishop in Perth for 10 years and before that a parish priest and chaplain at Perth College. Bishop Goldsworthy was the first woman to be consecrated as a Bishop in the Anglican Church of Australia. She will now be the first Australian female Archbishop.