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Bishop-Elect Richard Treloar Consecrated!

July 23rd, 2018

It was with great joy that many members of the Diocese journeyed down to St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday for the consecration of Bishop-Elect The Right Reverend Dr Richard Treloar.

It was a beautiful service with some highlights including: an inspiring sermon from +Garry Weatherill, stirring music and liturgy and heart warming participation from +Richard’s children as they presented the Archbishop with his episcopal ring.

Certainly one thing has become quite clear, we are a fortunate Diocese. +Richard’s deep faith, pastoral touch and humble leadership are and will be a inestimable blessing to us in Gippsland. With great anticipation, we now look forward to +Richard’s Installation as the 13th Bishop of Gippsland on the 18th of August at St Paul’s Cathedral in Sale at 11am.

But in the meantime, congratulations to The Right Reverend Dr Richard Treloar, Bishop in the Church of God!

More information in this coming month’s TGA!