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Kay Goldsworthy

Bishop Kay Goldsworthy, the first woman consecrated a bishop in the Anglican Church of Australia, was installed as the 12th Bishop of Gippsland on Saturday 21 March 2015. It is the latest “first” for Bishop Goldsworthy, who is an… read more

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ChristChurch, Omeo (6 Sebastopol Hill Road) – St Paul, Benambra (McFarlane St) – Union Church, Ensay (Great Alpine Rd)

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St James, Traralgon (106 Grey Street) – St John, Glengarry (Railway Ave) – St David, Toongabbie (Victoria St) – St Stephen, Traralg…

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ChristChurch, Drouin (128-132 Princes Way) – St James, Jindivick (Jackson’s Track)